Weekend Goodbye

So it’s Sunday night, Top Gear has just finished and that can only mean one thing – The weekend is almost over.

This weekend, I have been working pretty hard on doing Maddy’s new bedroom, which after this weekend, doesn’t need very much at all doing – Hoping to get the majority of it finished on Tuesday when I’m off work. Maddy went to swimming on Saturday, and she was so good this week, and was kicking and almost looked like she was actually swimming – Were so proud.

Today, Me, Nicky and Jackie went to Next to buy my coat – Officially my only actual coat, and I’m so glad I chose this one. Whilst technically an early Christmas present from Nicky, she’s letting me have it now, as it’s getting very cold at the moment, and if I don’t get it until Christmas Day, then it won’t get much use before winter again next year.

This evening me and Nicky started to put together the last part of Maddy’s bedroom furniture – The wardrobe, however one of the parts isn’t right, so Nicky has the job of calling the company tomorrow to try to get a new part ordered…if the wardrobe was cheap from Agros or something, I would’ve just sorted it out myself, however being that we paid £230 for the wardrobe, you’d like to think that it will be right!

Today was Maddy’s 18 month happy un-birthday: It really made me think about how much she is doing and how grown up she seems for only 18 months – So proud of her.

The last two Friday’s I’ve been working in London, and tomorrow is the same again. Whilst I thoroughly hate public transport as an avid car driver, I must actually say the change on the last few occasions has been quite refreshing, not having to drive and sit the obligitory M3 traffic – At least it’s not the M25! Instead of traffic, I get a freezing cold train station platform, and crushed up against some old man whilst he tries to read his newspaper because by the time the train gets from Portsmouth Harbour to Basingstoke, it’s already pretty much full. The train home seems to be even worse. The first Friday’s train had a failed carrige, and as a result all the people from the other carriges where stuffed into the remaining ones. The last Friday’s train was full because the previous Basingstoke train was cancelled so there was two trains worth of people in one – Hopefully tomorrows train will be sensible.

Things have gone well thus far for baby preperation, and during the week I fixed the cot issues, which means that the cot is now ready for a baby. The birthing pool and air pump and other bits are in the lounge ready for use, and the midwife came to do the home visit last weekend and delivered so we have a massive box of birth/delivery stuff and we have drugs in the fridge too!

Well I’m going to call it quits for tonight before I end up turning into a grumpy old man and moaning about things like chavs or something more annoying like people on mobiles while driving or the government, so until next time…night x.

PS: Hopefully I’ll get on my PC this week and finish the website.


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