En Route

A late one is today’s blog, but it’s worth being up for.

Nicky has finally made it to the point of what can be described as no return, although being 9 months pregnant is fairly non-return in itself.

We had our midwife out earlier today and she did a stretch and sweep (I’m not going into details, but if you want to know Google it!) which kicked off Nicky’s contractions. She’s been putting up with them all afternoon and evening, and whilst they haven’t been long or regular they have been changing the expression on her face ๐Ÿ™‚

We called the delivery suite and told them that things where moving onward, and Sue the on-call midwife for tonight called back to say she would come over to see us all. Because were nice people we let her bring a trainee midwife with her….they can only learn one way!

They arrived and introduced themselves and them seemed very nice. Sue (the midwife) did loads of checks and made sure we had all the goodies in the home delivery set – Which we did ๐Ÿ™‚

They did another examination and Nicky was between 2cm and 3cm dialated which is good progress, although Nicky was hoping for 4 or 5cm I think.

After they left we all just kind of sat around chilling really, although about an hour ago, it was battlestations, as Fireman Sam (that’s me by the way) deployed the birthing pool, and got out my big yellow hose (no joking there – I photo it if you don’t believe me), and started filling the pool. Had a few teething problems to start with as some of the joints on the hoses leaked a bit, but after quick spurt of juice from my 18v drill on the Jubiliee clips holding it all together it was all drip free and filling nicely.

We’ve just turned the water off to the pool as it’s now filled, and waiting for Nicky to get in although she’s doing really well with the contractions at the moment, and getting in the water can slow down the labour so were trying to hold off getting in too soon (not that I’m getting in!).

As it stands, her contractions are about 1min long, and varing between 3mins apart and 5mins apart, so they are pretty much how they should be. Hopefully she’ll call the midwife soon to tell here how things are moving along.

Until a few hours time or however long it takes…night (for some of us) x x


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