The Blog After the Blog Before

So I couldn’t think of a good title for this entry, so the random title will just have to do. I haven’t written anything for a week now, so I’m going to play catch up.

Last week Monday was Labour Day here which means bank holiday: Made up for missing the bank holiday Monday in England as that day was a working day here. The four of us went to Gilroy shopping outlets on the Monday and probably spent too much money, but it was all so cheap and people did give us spending money to spend after all.

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Good Day Santa Cruz

Today was another great day.

After writing my blog from last night I continued my search for my Black 80GB Zune and I found a store called CircuitCity which had them in stock at the San Jose branch. Needless to say, I swiftly placed my reservation and we collected them first thing this morning, so Gaz – it’s in the bag.

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San Jose Here We Are

So we flew out of Heathrow Terminal 5 on Sunday at about 2pm, landed at San Francisco about 4.45pm, 8hrs behind UK time after a traumatic demon child filled 10hr flight here, but that said the flight was great. We flew British Airways on a 747 which was an experience being on something that big, and I have to say I was most impressed by their in flight entertainment service which was an on-demand video, music and TV service meaning we could watch what we wanted when we wanted and it worked really well. I’d love to know what they had running that for a media server because it must have had a hell of a lot of horsepower under the bonnet!

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LazyTown Live!

Today after swimming, we came home and picked up some stuff and headed down to mums. Why? We had tickets to see LazyTown Live!

We had tickets for the 5pm showing, and it was really good. We arrived a bit early so sat in a pub next door to have a drink while we pondered if Dave would have a nervous breakdown trying to look after Jessica while me, Nicky, Mum and Maddy where out and while in the pub we where amazed by the number of kids who where all dressed up in their Stephanie and Sportacus outfits for the show.

We all really enjoyed the show and probably all ate far too many sweets and ice cream, and it was obviously all a bit too much for Maddy Moo as she fell asleep during the second half of the show and missed the ending songs and dances etc which where cool.

All in all a good day – Now CBeebies Live at Wembeley in December to look forward to 🙂

First Tooth, Busy Day

I haven’t blogged anything in quite a while now, so I thought I would write one about the fun of today.

It’s half term this week for swimming so there wasn’t any getting up early to get out of the house and get ready to go swimming with the girls. No, instead Maddy woke up at about 6.30am and with me not being on any kind of plain of reality, my brain assumed it was a work day, so without thinking about it, I got up and got in the shower and upon returning to the bedroom I noticed it wasn’t even 7am by this point.

I decided that I’d go downstairs at that point as I’d promised Nicky a lie in today.

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Many Moons Ago

Many moons ago, I posted a blog entry here – This is a myth, so I’m not sure if it is true, however I have decided that it is time that I should write again.

So what’s new? Lets just say that if there as anything more that was new, I would be Prime Minister – And I’d probably do a better job* 🙂

Well obviously we have Jessica, who is nearly four months old now. She’s making noise, rolling over, smiling and still the usual eat, sleep and pooh routine. Maddy is neatly two now, and is so funny you just can’t imagine. She makes us all laugh very much, but soemtimes cry as she is the most destructive litle monster that you could imagine and she does love to climb and jump on things – Does she! I’m sure she’s going to become either a mountain climber or some kind of gymnast jumping around.

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Weekend Goodbye

So it’s Sunday night, Top Gear has just finished and that can only mean one thing – The weekend is almost over.

This weekend, I have been working pretty hard on doing Maddy’s new bedroom, which after this weekend, doesn’t need very much at all doing – Hoping to get the majority of it finished on Tuesday when I’m off work. Maddy went to swimming on Saturday, and she was so good this week, and was kicking and almost looked like she was actually swimming – Were so proud.

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Almost Over the Hill

No, this isn’t a blog about me admitting I’m a 49 year old man in the body of an over-weight 21 year old, but actually annoucning that the Baby-Green website is so close to being launched with the new theme I can taste it.

I’ve just finished coding the last of the pages, after converting all of the videos to their new format which will hopefully mean that anyone can see them without issues of getting sound, but no video or such. I would have the site moved to the live location so that you can all see it properly now, however I’m uploading the videos to the website, and according to WinSCP the software I use for connecting to the website, that’ll be 2 hours time, and being that the time is already 9:56 PM, I’m amazed Nicky is still awake now to be honest, so the website may have to be published tomorrow or Wednesday night instead.

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Polar Bears and Icebergs

I know I like driving, but 4hrs in a single sitting is somewhat un-enjoyable. Friday’s working day drew to a close, and I was getting all our stuff ready to take to Huddersfield for the weekend. The amount of stuff we took with us, you would think we were going on a week long camping trip, but no – Just two nights up north, but that’s what happens when you have a monster – I can only imagine the amount of stuff needed for two monsters.

The drive up wasn’t actually too bad really, but arriving at Jimmy’s house, I was expecting the bulters to come out and offer to carry our bags – My mistake, that was actually Jimmy and Urg. Not too much happened on Friday night as it was 10.30pm by the time we arrived: Chatting and more chatting was the order of the night. I didn’t go to sleep until about 3am that night, so I was kind of broken in the morning.

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