San Jose Here We Are

So we flew out of Heathrow Terminal 5 on Sunday at about 2pm, landed at San Francisco about 4.45pm, 8hrs behind UK time after a traumatic demon child filled 10hr flight here, but that said the flight was great. We flew British Airways on a 747 which was an experience being on something that big, […]

DNS Exploit Now Officially Breeched

Recently a DNS exploit was discovered by Dan Kaminsky. This exploit was reportedly so big that he decided to keep the details close to hand until everyone had a chance to plug their DNS servers, however this plan failed somewhat and details of it got online. Whilst most people fixed their DNS some major players […]

Apple Fan Boys Desert

No, I’m not talking about a group of Apple fans sat around eating cake, I’m talking about a lot of Apple fans seeming to be quite annoyed with Mr Jobs and his crew and it would seem to be sparked by the iPhone 2.0 firmware and MobileMe. I was doing the normal rounds with a […]

File Sharing Warning Letters

So in the news yesterday on TorrentFreak, Engadget to name a few news sites was the talk of the agreement to mass mail people about downloading of content from the Internet ‘illegally’. According to news, the big six ISP’s in the UK will be part of this deal being Virgin Media, BT, Orange, Tiscali, Sky […]

What Another Day to Work in Farnborough

So this morning, I wrote about what I’d seen yesterday, but today the Red Arrows have blessed us with a 20min overhead display. It would seem that they’ve landed at Farnborough also, so whether they are just popping in for fuel or staying until Monday who knows. Britain just isn’t British without the Red Arrows […]

What a Day to Work in Farnborough

What a day yesterday was to work in Farnborough. As you know I work for Xerox, and one of the accounts I work on the QinetiQ account in Farnborough. The site borders Farnborough airport and the building I work in is actually next to the runway or as close as you can get at least. […]

Elonex OneTwo3 10.2″ – Another Eee

This week is the Computex convention in Taipei where Dell are expected to announce officially the launch of the various dubbed named Mini-Inspiron UMPC notebook, however one I wasn’t expecting to see was another UMPC appearing from Elonex in the form of a 10.2 inch model. According to the information from the Computex show, the […]

LazyTown Live!

Today after swimming, we came home and picked up some stuff and headed down to mums. Why? We had tickets to see LazyTown Live! We had tickets for the 5pm showing, and it was really good. We arrived a bit early so sat in a pub next door to have a drink while we pondered […]