On this page, I publish some of the questions I get asked and questions that I have asked myself that I want the world to see the answers to. It’s a bit of an experiment for now, but I have implemented a bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework. You can try asking my bot below your question first.

If you want to read the questions and answers yourself, read on below. Alternatively, you can contact me directly.

Do you have any terms of use for the site?

Sure I do. You can read the terms of use on the terms of use page.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Sure I do. You can read how this site uses cookies and deals with privacy concerns on the privacy policy page.

What do I do for a living?

By day, I am a Cloud Consultant for Coeo. Coeo specialise in Data Platform technologies from Microsoft such as SQL Server, Power BI and more. The cloud team focuses on Microsoft Azure and public cloud engagements and we are but a gear in the engine of Coeo. You can find out more about Coeo at https://www.coeo.com.

What motivates me to blog?

I love finding out new things and understanding a technology. Technology is something that can benefit all of us so it is best shared and storing that knowledge in an online medium that is accessible by millions without needing direct access to my head (which often forgets things) is the best way to do that.

How many visitors does the site get?

On average, according to Azure Application Insights, my analytics tool of choice, I see 4,000 unique visitors per month with over a quarter of these coming from the United States.

Do I offer advertising or product reviews?

Whilst not part of the prime objective, it’s certainly something I would consider for the right company or the right product. Take a look at the Media page for information on the site’s user base to help you understand the demographic and numbers involved in running the site.

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