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En Route

A late one is today’s blog, but it’s worth being up for.

Nicky has finally made it to the point of what can be described as no return, although being 9 months pregnant is fairly non-return in itself.

We had our midwife out earlier today and she did a stretch and sweep (I’m not going into details, but if you want to know Google it!) which kicked off Nicky’s contractions. She’s been putting up with them all afternoon and evening, and whilst they haven’t been long or regular they have been changing the expression on her face 🙂Read more…

Weekend Goodbye

So it’s Sunday night, Top Gear has just finished and that can only mean one thing – The weekend is almost over.

This weekend, I have been working pretty hard on doing Maddy’s new bedroom, which after this weekend, doesn’t need very much at all doing – Hoping to get the majority of it finished on Tuesday when I’m off work. Maddy went to swimming on Saturday, and she was so good this week, and was kicking and almost looked like she was actually swimming – Were so proud.

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Almost Over the Hill

No, this isn’t a blog about me admitting I’m a 49 year old man in the body of an over-weight 21 year old, but actually annoucning that the Baby-Green website is so close to being launched with the new theme I can taste it.

I’ve just finished coding the last of the pages, after converting all of the videos to their new format which will hopefully mean that anyone can see them without issues of getting sound, but no video or such. I would have the site moved to the live location so that you can all see it properly now, however I’m uploading the videos to the website, and according to WinSCP the software I use for connecting to the website, that’ll be 2 hours time, and being that the time is already 9:56 PM, I’m amazed Nicky is still awake now to be honest, so the website may have to be published tomorrow or Wednesday night instead.

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Keeping Up to Date with SyncToy

Another technology blog for the masses (or the one person that probably looks at my blog once a year), and this one is a little gem.

Today I was looking into something for Pat, Jackies man on his laptop, and he wanted to know a way to syncronize his files between his desktop home PC which he does all his work on, to his laptop so that when he travels he has the most recent of all his data.

I first thought I could map a network drive between his home PC and his laptop then use Offline Files in Windows XP to syncronize the folders, but then I thought this method would be cumbersome and difficult to keep going for somebody who doesn’t know XP so well.

My second thought was to build a script for him which he could just double click to copy everything from his home PC to his laptop, but whilst this would have been effective, if his requirements for transfer changed, it would have needed me to ammend the script for him to inclde the new files/folders.

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iPhone: Poor O2 or Poor Punter?

Another blog from me (Richard), but this time it’s different. This is the first in my line of technology blogs. I’ve been meaning to write technology blogs for some time, but never really got round to it. I figured the phenomenon known as the iPhone would make a good place to start, and I figured writing technology blogs would be cool for me to write being that I’m a technology geeky person.

So there it is – The much hyped iPhone. I don’t have one, and I personally don’t want to have one, so this blog is based on what I’ve read and seen and not personal experience, and I’ll try to be unbiased.

This article is inspired by an article I read today at El Reg (The Register). The link the to the article is So with the world seeming to be at Apple’s beck and call these days, you can’t walk down the street without seeing at least one or two people with an iPod of some flavour or not know anyone that uses iTunes, so why shouldn’t they bridge into the mobile market, but are they making too much of it all?

Apple have been very sneaky with their marketing strategy with the iPhone meaning that there is only one vendor per nation to keep it exclusive. AT&T for the USA, O2 for the UK and T-Mobile for Germany. As of yet, nothing official has been announced for France, although many expect it to be Orange.

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So I thought I’d blog a little more to finish off what I was writing last night before I was rudely interuptted by Nicky wanting sleep: I suppose I can let her off, but only because she’s pregnant.

Quite convienient that I choose to blog some more today, becuase dearest Mr Zuchini uploaded all the images of his from the weekend to his PhotoBucket account, and decided to tag me in some of the pictures on Facebook, so anyone who’s in my friends list on Facebook can see all the images in the gallery if they like.

For those of you without access to my Facebook account, I’ve added one of the images from the lot to this blog, assuming you can see, you’ll see a nice picture of me and Fruity walking down the road like some kind of couple…not that we are…honest.

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Polar Bears and Icebergs

I know I like driving, but 4hrs in a single sitting is somewhat un-enjoyable. Friday’s working day drew to a close, and I was getting all our stuff ready to take to Huddersfield for the weekend. The amount of stuff we took with us, you would think we were going on a week long camping trip, but no – Just two nights up north, but that’s what happens when you have a monster – I can only imagine the amount of stuff needed for two monsters.

The drive up wasn’t actually too bad really, but arriving at Jimmy’s house, I was expecting the bulters to come out and offer to carry our bags – My mistake, that was actually Jimmy and Urg. Not too much happened on Friday night as it was 10.30pm by the time we arrived: Chatting and more chatting was the order of the night. I didn’t go to sleep until about 3am that night, so I was kind of broken in the morning.

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So it’s Thursday evening, and by this time me and Nicky would have both finished our respective days working from home, and looking after Maddy for the day, except this day, there’s no Nicky. She’s out on a work do which they call an off-site. I call it a glorified team-building / skyve day but hey, but see this is where is gets worse – She’s gone tomorrow too. Thankfully she’ll be back tomorrow night, and hopefully before Maddy goes to bed otherwise she’s not going to get to see her little girl until Saturday morning.

Maddy’s been really good today, and hasn’t done anything that naughty which has made today easy for me, and has meant that I’ve been able to get quite a lot of studying done towards by next Microsoft exam, which hopefully won’t be too long around the corner, although this exam is probably one of the toughest to that I’m going to be doing as part of the Microsoft qualification so I need to make sure I’ve got it all covered properly.

Me and my boss (day to day) Colin went through my training plan a couple of days ago, and I’m going to be with Xerox now until at a minimum of 2012 due to all the training I am doing, so I could be up for a long service award before I know it :). For those of you who are interested, I’ll be finishing my Microsoft studies next year which will make me a MCSE 2003: Security and an MCTS: SQL Server 2005. Once all that is finished, I’m enrolling on a degree course through the Open University. Once that’s finished, I will have a BSc Honours degree, so I will become one of those geek people with far too many qualifications.

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A Long, Long Time Ago


It’s been quite a long time since I posted a blog, and I’m slapping myself on the wrists as we speak for my sins of not blogging recently, but what’s new then? Quite a lot actually.

SinceI last blogged here, we had the 4D scan of the new baby which is still en-route and have been told without a shadow of the sonographers doubt is a girl, so girlie number is coming soon. For those of you who so still look at it, the Baby-Green website is still stuck it some kind of time-stasis field with nothing happening to it – That’s Nicky’s fault. Since getting my new PC a while ago now, you would think I’ve been up there every night hammering away to get the new website that I’ve promised you all done. The short answer it actually, no and the reason is that Nicky has decided that sitting on the sofa in the evenings is more comfortable than sitting at our desk on the PC’s – Understandable being that she’s pregnant, but I’m sure it doesn’t make all of you happy now does it….I’ll try and work on the situation to get the site progressed for you all soon, as I want to see the new site out there too.

While on the rough subject of pregnancy, Kira (the white one for those of you who can’t remember) has had her latest bunch of kittens. The usual delivery of 3 of them, and they all look very cute as expected, with them all being about 3-4 weeks old now, so very soon they will start beating each other and climbing things. Pictures of them will be added to the Baby-Green site when I get to work on it next.

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Bad Day

Today could have gone better shall we say.

Me and Mick started work yesterday on fitting the heated towel rail which will move the bathroom to almost 100% completion so that I can move on to the bedroom.

Me and Nicky went out for the day s we had a birthday party to go to for Chloe, who was 1 year old a few weeks back. We came back from the party and everything was fitted, and all that was left to do was to re-fill the heating system and away it went.

So me and Mick turn the water back on and fire it all up to find that the system wasn’t filling. After much farting around, we got it all filled again, only to realise that in the farting about process, we’d managed to burn the motor out of the central heating pump – Not good. A quick time check revealed that the time was about 6pm – Too late for a Sunday to be going shopping for DIY parts! I’ve emailed my boss to as khim very kindly if he could excuse me for an hour in the morning so that me and Mick can fit a new pump from B&Q, so let’s hope he says yes, else no hot water for a few days which wouldn’t be good really.

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