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So I couldn’t think of a good title for this entry, so the random title will just have to do. I haven’t written anything for a week now, so I’m going to play catch up.

Last week Monday was Labour Day here which means bank holiday: Made up for missing the bank holiday Monday in England as that day was a working day here. The four of us went to Gilroy shopping outlets on the Monday and probably spent too much money, but it was all so cheap and people did give us spending money to spend after all.

I bought myself two new pairs of Levi’s jeans and a new pair of trainers – The trainers had always been part of the plan, however I hadn’t imagined myself getting Sketchers as I’m more of an Adidas kind of guy, but all of the Adidas trainers I saw weren’t too my liking…they were too outlandish and well, American to be blunt about it. I also got myself some Hugo Boss aftershave. It was about $5 more for the massive bottle so I got that one: I haven’t worn Hugo Boss for ages and I used to love it, so couldn’t resist the purchase.

Nicky got herself two pairs of Levi’s jeans and some Sketchers too so we’ll look like a right pair in our matching stuff, although we had to head back to Gilroy a few days later to change Nicky’s jeans for the next size down because she didn’t try them on before buying them in the store.

Maddy and Jessie also got a few bits and pieces, namely some cute little Nike sandals for Maddy. They where tagged at $17.99 but when we got to the checkout they where only about $6 so we ran back into the store and got another pair a few sizes up for when she grows out of these one’s. Jessie got a Halloween sleepsuit which is really cute.

The Monday saw me back at work, and using the gym again each day before getting showered and ready for work. At home if you had said to me I want you to get up 30mins early for work to go and use the gym I would have told you to go and poke it, but it’s actually been really good, and I feel more energetic at the moment for doing it, plus it may have the added effect of helping me loose the buster-gut.

The most shocking revelation of the week though has to be that I am reading a book: Not a picture one or a computer one, or a comic but a real actual book. It’s one of Nicky’s Dean Koontz one’s that she just finished reading and don’t tell anyone I said this, but I’m actually enjoying reading it albeit slowly because unlike Nicky, I can’t ingest an entire novel in a day.

Yesterday was Saturday (obviously) and we went to San Francisco Zoo for the day. Was a nice day out although we were slightly disappointed because some of the animals where missing because they where having their pens redecorated or something, but got some nice photo’s from it for later. In the evening before coming back to the hotel we went to a park about 20mins down the road from here hoping to get the girls a chance to do some swimming although now it’s passed Labour day and official summer is over the pool part was closed, but they had some big fountain things that the kids where playing in and Maddy and Jessie both enjoyed themselves.

Afterwards we decided to get a Chinese for dinner and found a Chinese restaurant that looked busy so we decided to give it a shot. It was really nice, and we over-ordered as you always do with Chinese not helped by the fact that the portions where bigger than to be expected, so we now have half a fridge full of left over Chinese for us to eat later which sorted one of the things Nicky wanted to see or have which was the little cardboard folding style Chinese containers that you always see in films and on TV.

Today we were looking for somewhere to go swimming but couldn’t find anywhere that was either open or open to the public, as in not a members only club, so we have decided to go to Santa Cruz again as we have some tickets for the rides there left over from last time so at least Maddy can have some fun again. Should be a good day again and as usual the weather is hot hot hot (thanks Big Cook) so I’m hoping that my still slightly peeling shoulders won’t be too offended by the sun.

Until next time x


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