Me Thinks the EU Aren’t Too Bright

So I just read the article at the link above, and according to it, a newly passed EU Directive now bans the sale of 100W lightbulbs and you will only be able to get energy-saving style 100W bulbs in their place.

Hang on? So your telling me that instead of using a bulb which comes on straight away when I press the light switch and will actually light a room as opposed to a glow warm in a jam jar that takes half a light year to warm up to the point where it begins to emit light, not to mention the toxic gas emitted from energy saving bulbs when they smash which means I need to evacuate the room for 5-10mins to let it clear?

Well thank you very much Mr. EU and thank you Briton for it’s lack of backbone and normal EU come and kiss my buttness.

What the EU fail to understand also is that energy saving bulbs are the size of people’s heads and as one commenter on the original article points out don’t fit in some lights – Especially bed side lamps etc.

The other problem is dimmer switches. I don’t always want the light on all of the way, and especially for the girls rooms, you want to have the light on just a little bit so that you can see why trying to get them to sleep at night. These silly bulbs don’t work in dimmers and being that only about 20% of the lights in my house aren’t dimmers go figure……that said though, the light give out by one of the energy saving bulbs is equivalent to a dimmer on low so hey.


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