Heathrow Runway


So I just read this article on the BBC News site about the government backing plans for a new runway at Heathrow even though all the care-bears came out in force to object against it and I say well done to the government.

<rant on />

An airport as busy as Heathrow running on only two runways isn’t an excellent plan lets face it and after all – What was the point in spending all of that money on Terminal 5 to help with trans-Atlantic flights etc if the plane once loaded and people boarded ends up sitting on the tarmac for 5mins waiting for a slot because the runways are maxed out?

The Conservatives are complaining saying that it’s going to destroy the world because of the environmental damage etc, but do they not think that the planes sitting on the tarmac with the engines running for 5mins waiting to take-off is burning fuel and harming the environment? Surely getting the planes in and out faster will burn less fuel and actually be better?

And surely with the current economical rubbish that the creation of new jobs will be a good thing. The Conservatives are saying that they should instead spend the money on high-speed links between London and Heathrow to improve transport, but do they not realise that if you are getting people to the airport faster that means the flights are more accessible which means more people are likely to fly from Heathrow and hence extending the need for the third runway?

What I think they should do instead is not spend £10,000 of taxpayers money re-developing their second homes in London or spending the money to pay for their kids university education and covering it up by not releasing their expense records to the public to see and spend the money on offsetting some carbon emissions from the 4 litre V8 Jag’s that they all drive around in – Even the one’s driving in Toyota Prius’ aren’t doing much better as Top Gear proved in the lap against the BMW M3 which was actually more fuel efficient that the Prius!

And as for the talk of the MP’s getting immunity from having their expense information disclosed as part of the Freedom of Information Act……please. You are not gods, you are merely little overpaid liars that ruin countries.

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