Microsoft Ordered to Release Dublin Server Data

An article went live on BBC News this morning (Microsoft ‘must release’ data held on Dublin server) which I hadn’t seen and was brought to my attention. The subject of the article is a US court case where a judge has ruled that Microsoft must hand over email records for a mailbox which is held on one of the servers in the Dublin, otherwise known to Microsoft Azure fans as the North Europe region.

Windows 7 Europe Edition

Well they may as well call it Windows 7 contains nothing edition because of the EU and there ridiculous rulings over anti-competitiveness.

Me Thinks the EU Aren’t Too Bright So I just read the article at the link above, and according to it, a newly passed EU Directive now bans the sale of 100W lightbulbs and you will only be able to get energy-saving style 100W bulbs in their place. Hang on? So your telling me that instead of using a bulb which […]