Stealth Patch

So ever since the firmware update 1.8 for the PlayStation 3, media sharing has not been working for me, nor many other people if you believe anything you read on the Sony PlayStation 3 forums.

Firmware update 1.8 according to Sony fixes some little bugs which are nothing to do with media sharing? So why did it break – The answer it nobody seems to know – Everything else on the PlayStation works fine, although some users reported issues with Folding@Home not that I ever use this, but media sharing is an issue for me being that I like to listen to music or watch something DivX via the network after Sony released the DivX update for the PS3 late last year – Before Microsoft released it for the XB360 may I add 🙂

I was hopeful that Sony may announce the issue and fix this is firmware 2.1, but this was not the case, and Sony at this point had still not mentioned the issue or acknowledged it yet, saying that people needed to check their network settings etc even though nothing can changed on the network besides the firmware update on the PS3.

I downloaded a new update to the PS3 about 30mins ago, so the first thing I did was to check the media sharing and low and behold it’s now working again.

So lets get this straight – Not only did Sony break media sharing without telling anyone that the 1.8 firmware was going to affect it, nor did they tell anyone it was broken officially, nor did the most recent firmware announce that this was being fixed or addressed as a compatibility update so that people don’t acuse them of breaking it to start with, but they stealth it into the update for the PlayStation Store, which I must add looks quite nice now.

Thanks for fixing it though Sony – Many happy punters around the world agian now, although I think we’d all prefer it if you just announced that you realeased you’d broken it and that you where going to be fixing it not hiding the fact!



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