I’m a Tourist

So today I was in London for work and I was being my normal self following the directions of TomTom on my phone because I knew that where I was going was just down the road, so not worth the effort of getting back on the tube and changing lines etc, but because I know London walking about as well as I do how to build a jet engine, I need TomTom and there I find myself looking at the Houses of Parliment and Big Ben in the distance whilst Downing Street is over to my right with New Scotland yard just ahead.

Because until recently I’d never been to London for sight seeing or otherwise this will quite interesting to, although probably funny to others to see a business-looking man walking down the road looking at all the things people are bored of seeing everyday as if I was some kind of tourist. If I had a camera with me, I probably would have stopped to take a picture, but the camera on my phone sucks because I’m not really bothered about camera phone lark.

In case you hadn’t guessed already, at the time I was walking down Whitehall – Knowingly heard of before, but never imagined or seen myself there. I was amazed by A) the number of people in a single place and B) the number of actual tourists strolling around and getting in my way whilst I try to get to my destination.

The remainder of the morning passed until I reached Waterloo to get my train home and whilst walking into Waterloo, I spotted this scene. Sure I had seen the lesser-haired person before somewhere, I hung around for a second to get the following rubbish picture from my phone:

Peter Snow

Yes, it’s a back of the head shot, but in actual fact it was Peter Snow – The swingometer man, although I have since discovered that as famous as Peter Snow may be, Nicky hadn’t ever heard of him – Nor has she ever heard of Steve Jobs or Linus Torvald to my disgust: And here was me thinking that Nicky was an IT person. Little did I know.

After getting home and eating some Mulagatowny soup for lunch, I headed back out to Farnborough for some more work, before coming home to two ill children, and an ill adult-child (that’s Nicky) who simply did not want to sleep, which means WoW for the evening got cancelled, and I was only left with the option of writing a blog and reading the CNET forums – Not that either of these two are bad things.

Were off to bed soon because Nicky isn’t well, so it’s a night for me, which probably isn’t a bad thing because sleep is obviously better than vitamins: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2008/apr/16/medicalresearch

It’s been a very dull blog I know, but what can I say – I’m dull.


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