The Future has Landed in Our Kitchen

Well I said I was going to get a server for my birthday and I wasn’t kidding.

It arrived yesterday with FedEx – My nice new Dell PowerEdge SC1425.
Unfortunately my birthday isn’t until Wednesday next week so I’m not allowed to start playing with it until then say the powers that be although I did fire it up last night to make sure all was well – It’s quiet compared to the 6450 I have currently but we’ll see how that pans out with some load 🙂

Good Day Santa Cruz

Today was another great day.

After writing my blog from last night I continued my search for my Black 80GB Zune and I found a store called CircuitCity which had them in stock at the San Jose branch. Needless to say, I swiftly placed my reservation and we collected them first thing this morning, so Gaz – it’s in the bag.

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I’m a Tourist

So today I was in London for work and I was being my normal self following the directions of TomTom on my phone because I knew that where I was going was just down the road, so not worth the effort of getting back on the tube and changing lines etc, but because I know London walking about as well as I do how to build a jet engine, I need TomTom and there I find myself looking at the Houses of Parliment and Big Ben in the distance whilst Downing Street is over to my right with New Scotland yard just ahead.

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Bad Day

Today could have gone better shall we say.

Me and Mick started work yesterday on fitting the heated towel rail which will move the bathroom to almost 100% completion so that I can move on to the bedroom.

Me and Nicky went out for the day s we had a birthday party to go to for Chloe, who was 1 year old a few weeks back. We came back from the party and everything was fitted, and all that was left to do was to re-fill the heating system and away it went.

So me and Mick turn the water back on and fire it all up to find that the system wasn’t filling. After much farting around, we got it all filled again, only to realise that in the farting about process, we’d managed to burn the motor out of the central heating pump – Not good. A quick time check revealed that the time was about 6pm – Too late for a Sunday to be going shopping for DIY parts! I’ve emailed my boss to as khim very kindly if he could excuse me for an hour in the morning so that me and Mick can fit a new pump from B&Q, so let’s hope he says yes, else no hot water for a few days which wouldn’t be good really.

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After weeks of feeling nervous about doing my first exam for my Microsoft certification, the time has passed, and I’ve done the exam, however I am sad to say that I passed 🙂

So as of now, I am officially a Microsoft Certified Professional. Only about 8 more exams to go now!

My new PC arrived yesterday so I’ve started building that, which means that work will soon start on getting Baby-Green going properly again using the new design. I’m looking forward to it!

Love you x


Another week passes by and my PC is still broken and I’m still not any closer to getting it working and starting work on the Baby-Green site again. I’ve had no reply from Gigabyte on my motherboard, but then I didn’t expect anything less from them.

Daniel’s new PC arrived today and is now sat in our hallway for me to build over the weekend for him. I think he’s going to really enjoy getting his hands on it once I’m done with it. Seeing it sat here though is spurring the ever growing thoughts in my mind started by Nicky that I may get one to replace my ever problematic PC.

I decided to have a look around the Dell site this evening to look at the PC’s that are available only to find that Dell over the last week have discontinued producing that model of PC, and none of their other models really fit my wants and needs, so I’m now at a crossroads? Do I buy one that’s not quite the same, buy one of the one’s that I actually want from someone selling a new one on eBay or do I stick with what I’ve got for another year or so, and just upgrade to a new motherboard to fix the problem? Oh the woe’s of my tale!!

We’ll see what happens eh.


Lovely word isn’t it, but isn’t so worse worse when you have the smell in the air.

Been at home today studying as er most Thursdays. Today though, my processor for my PC came back from AMD so I was excited at the thought that after over 2 months my PC could finally come back to life and that I could start work again on the Baby-Green website among other things I’d like to get on with on my PC.

Do think this happened? Like bottoms it did. The brand spanking new processor in a new sealed box direct from AMD was installed and I was thinking “excellent”, however upon starting the PC I got the same old and very tiresome error code. At this point I’m pretty damn annoyed so Gigabyte the people that make the motherboard which is the part I’ve suspected to be at fault since day one have today been the brunt of a polite but direct email from me, so hopefully they give me what I want or they will be hearing from me again :).

In the mean time, Maddy was just supposed to go to bed after some dinner, a bath and a bottle, but her litttle tummy decided it didn’t want to keep it all there, so I was the victim of some rather unpleasant outbursts from her. Needless to say, I was a little grossed out being the wimp that I am, so Nicky was summoned to assist, but Maddy is now showered and in a cleam babysuit and ready for bed again.

Lets see if it works this time.

Until next time x