Running a successful website isn’t free or sometimes cheap. There are domain registration fees, SSL certificates, design and user experience planning and implementation the site and deliver compelling content for the appropriate audience. I have successfully been running since 2006 and the blog continues to grow in both visual and content quality year on year.

I run a tight ship, using the most practically priced services from providers like Namecheap, Comodo and Microsoft Azure and I am running the site on a budget of about £30 per calendar month right now with the current level of service that I provide.


The site receives an average monthly 3,900 unique visitors sharing 5,400 page views between them. On average, over 1,000 of these visitors are from the United States with the UK, Germany and the Netherlands next in line. Google Chrome is the browser I see most and Internet Explorer 11 comes in second place.

The user demographic for the audience is IT Professionals working primarily in the Microsoft space using on-premises products like System Center and Windows Server as well as cloud consumers interested in Office 365, Azure and more. The majority of these users will be male however don’t rule out those women in IT either.


Whilst I don’t offer advertising deals or packages, I am happy to speak to relevant parties about opportunities for advertising.

Advertising would allow me to spend more money on developing the site. My primary development prospect at this time is to bring online a second instance of the site in the United States and implement an Azure Traffic Manager for local site performance in the US given the high rate of US visitors.

Product Reviews and Testimonials

I am more than willing to accommodate product reviews and trials where there product is something that I feel I would genuinely use or buy myself or something that I feel my readers would be interested in. Products in the IT professional, IT consumer, software and services or home automation are the areas that would hit home the hardest with me and the readers.

I would require that all reviews or testimonials are published explicitly stating their nature as I would not wish to generate distrust amongst my visitor base with dishonest reviews.

More Information

If you are interesting in advertising on this site then contact me to find out more at