My Birthday

So it’s my birthday on Thursday next week – Not long now.
I’ve been getting pretty pumped over the last couple of weeks about asking people for a new server for our house and I had my heart and mind set on a Dell PowerEdge 2650.

Well I was looking on eBay at the weekend at which one to buy from which seller when I found a beauty. I was hoping for the Dual 2.4GHz Xeons, but this guy has the Dual 3.06GHz Xeons and the seller was a bit silly as his price was about £100 under everyone else selling a 2650. Silly me though….I deliberated for too long and someone else realised his mistake.

Feeling a bit bummed out Nicky looked the sellers other stuff and saw a PowerEdge I’ve never heard of before. It’s a Dell PowerEdge SC1425. It’s 1U with Dual 2.8GHz Xeons. I was sceptical at first as being 1U it only takes 2 hard disks, but wait….it takes SATA disks.

It was bought fairly soon after, so some April 9th, I will be in possession of my new server.