RSA SecurID Software Token for Windows Phone

After waiting and wanting for several years since the start of the Windows Phone operating system era, it looks like EMC (nee RSA) have finally decided that Windows Phone is worth it’s salt as a platform and released an app. The page on the EMC/RSA site which led me to the discovery is at

I was actually on the site looking for a download of the Windows client app for the RSA SecurID but my eyes caught glance of an image in the bottom left of the page (screenshot below). The image on the site clearly depicted a Windows Phone (although the image actually a screenshot of the Windows Phone emulator) which left me intruiged.

RSA SecurID for Windows Phone

Excited about the prospect of finally getting the RSA SecurID app for Windows Phone (yes, I am a sad individual), I looked at the Windows Phone Store and sure enough, there is an RSA app there at The date and time stamp on the store listing suggests that version was published to the store on the 19th December 2012, but I’m sure this is wrong because I’ve definatly looked for the RSA SecurID app in the last three to six month period and found nothing. The app description states that it is supporting Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 so there’s good news for owners of Windows Phone handsets which don’t run the latest edition.

I’m pretty suprised that there hasn’t been more noise about this from Microsoft as having this app on Windows Phone opens the platform up to a lot more business customers to whom their RSA powered VPN is mission critical.