Windows 7 Release Candidate

So I upgraded last night to the RC of Windows 7.

I took longer than the previous builds to upgrade but that’s possibly because I had the files from ISO on the HDD I was upgrading. It wasn’t my fault I needed to change the MinBuild string to let me upgrade from 7068 though.

So first impressions? Not really any difference from the 7068 build with the exception of the changed desktop version printout. SideShow still seems to be missing, and I’ve emailed the SideShow team to ask them about this, so hopefully I get a positive response back like it will be back in the RTM build.

Roll on the Release Candidates

Well Microsoft have certainly been busy little bee’s with Windows 7 as a lot of my recent blogs show, but today is the next milestone and not just for Windows 7.

Microsoft today released Windows 7 RC, Windows Server 2008 R2 RC and also the Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista.

Vista users using RTM with the blocker tool will be disappointed to note that this tool has now been removed and will have to upgrade to SP1, however I personally think you should just go all the way to SP2.

Going along with the whole RC & SP release, last week also saw the release of Office 2007 Service Pack 2 which has a lot of stability and performance improvements, which for some will be welcome although I never really see any problems except perhaps in Outlook opening a huge attachment.

Windows 7 RC is available in x86 and x64 builds and is available currently to all TechNet and MSDN subscribers, as is Server 2008 R2 RC, however Windows 7 RC will be making it’s way to the public in the next few days.

Office 2007 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 are both available from the the Microsoft Download Center at www.microsoft.com/downloads.

Have a great weekend.