Azure Online Backup Service Outage

So I came home today to check up on my trusty Essentials 2012 server and I was confused to see on the Online Backup tab for my free six month trial of Azure Online Backup reported absolutely nothing, no data, no stats or anything. I closed the Dashboard and headed over to the Azure Online Backup MMC console to see some more ‘direct’ information. Again, nothing.

I logged into the Azure Online Backup Portal to check up on my account to make sure that my trial hadn’t accidently been suspended or cancelled for some reason and spotted this:

Uh oh. Looks like the whole worldwide Azure Online Backup service is down, so this will be effecting Server 2012 Essentials, System Center DPM 2012 SP1 as well as conventional Azure Online Backup customers. Hopefully the service gets restored okay without anyone having to re-register their servers.