Windows Vista “Mojave”

So Microsoft has decided to change the way it markets Vista, and they have realised that due to the bad press it got from the word go they need to try to turn the feelings of these people.

Windows Vista Mojave is part of the new advertising campaign where Microsoft show Vista to people but don’t tell them it’s Vista until after their done using it. Neat idea being that all of the people in the video where amazed by how good it is, but even my fan boyism is kicking my spider sense to suggest that this video might be highly edited and pushed in this direction as opposed to totally real opinions: After all, who says any operating system as ‘incredible’ as one guy does except if you have a tattoo on your arm saying I <3 Steve Jobs.

None-the-less, Vista is a great product. Look at me if you don’t believe me. I was very skeptical of Vista when it first got released as I was just happy with XP and I read all about Vista hoping for so much, but after reading the high minimum specs and the niggles from people on the Internet I was quickly turned away. When I bought my new Dell it shipped with Vista Business but the first thing I did was to remove Vista for XP without even giving Vista a chance.

Now Service Pack 1 has been out for a while, and I have been using Vista since SP1’s release, I can comfortably say that it’s a great product and people with the negative ideas of Vista really should ask a friend or a colleague to borrow their Vista machine for an hour just to have a look around because once you use Vista, you won’t want to go back.

My only complaint is the Mojave website. It uses Flash, now hello Microsoft Marketing, but you have a great product out there called Silverlight which is much better – Use it!


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One thought on “Windows Vista “Mojave”

  1. One correction/clarification… it’s not that the experimenters tell the subjects that it’s Vista after the subjects are done using it; the experimenters only demonstrate Vista for the subjects. The subjects do not have any real hands-on experience before OR after. They come in with preconceptions, then are shown what someone who knows what they’re doing can accomplish on an optimized machine and they are blown away.

    Granted. That in itself is telling. Their preconceptions are pretty strong and based on who knows what. You have to be suspicious, though… did the advertising executives also try a version of the experiment in which the subjects were allowed to play with ‘Mojave’ themselves (albeit on the optimized desktop computer — a lot of the whining against Vista probably comes from people trying to run it on old pieces of junk)? That would have taken more time and would be harder to condense into a short short television slot, but it would have been a more awesome result.

    Wouldn’t it have made an even better campaign, though, to take whatever demo that their presenter did for these people, the one that blew them away… and break that demonstation up into short chunks and show THOSE as the adverts? It could start off with a tag line like this: “Many people are badmouthing Vista, so let us show you our next operating system.” –flash bang demonstration– then the voice comes back on: “Oh, wait a minute. That’s not our NEXT operating system. That IS Vista. So what’s not to like?”

    Another set of beginning and ending lines could be “Wouldn’t it be cool if our next operating system let you do this… and that… and this other thing? Oh, wait — Surprise — you CAN ALREADY do that. With Vista.”

    Instead of trying to convince us that we would like Vista if we saw it, why not SHOW us Vista on the advert and let us decide for ourselves whether we like it or not? Apple hasn’t really ever done that with its operating system either… at least not for the computer. They did something like that with the first iPhone TV ads and those were pretty persuasive.

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