Windows Phone 7 Series

Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona saw the unveiling of Windows Phone 7 Series, or Windows Mobile 7 as a lot of people with undoubtedly refer to it as, Microsoft’s latest browser OS.

This is something that the blogosphere and tech communities have both been waiting for, for a long time, hearing about for a long time, rumouring about for a long time and holding breath for too.


Windows Mobile 6.x was always about business productivity. Windows Mobile 6.5.x tried to bring Windows Mobile to the consumer and user centric markets, however was met with a lot of critique (not from me by any means).

Looking to capitalize on the success of Windows 7 and hoping 7 was their lucky number, Microsoft have announced Windows Phone 7 Series, which looks set to change all of that with a totally re-written from nothing to something (awesome) mobile operating system and not just a refresh like previous versions.

Windows Phone 7 Series is designed to be about making it the best platform for business productivity and user centric experiences. With features like Zune and Xbox Live integration, the ability to aggregate your social world from sources like Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live (sounding similar to the Outlook Social Connector in Outlook 2010) and a super looking UI (seemingly based on the Zune UI) to boot, you can’t go wrong.

Fronted by the man at Microsoft who was attributed for the success of the design of the Zune and Windows Media Center, and now heading the Windows Mobile division, this is a totally radical step outward from the designs seen in previous versions of Windows Mobile.

There has been so much already written around the web about this that it’s not really worth be re-blogging it for the sake of re-blogging it, so instead, have a link to Engadget and their round-up posting on it:

I’m really looking forward to Mix 2010 which is where Microsoft will be hosting no less that 14 sessions dedicated to design and development for Windows Phone 7 Series, where a lot more information and hands on of the technology will be shown, not to mention a (hopefully) Technical Preview release of Internet Explorer 9 for the desktop.

You can fill your boots with all the latest about it on the Microsoft site


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