Why Do People Lie?

So the guy from Virgin Media just came to install our 20MB broadband and phone…..hang on a minute I said to him: You shouldn’t need to do anything to the phone as the old BT line is being converted.

In response the guy tells me that actually they will run two cables to the house – One for the phone line which converts at the socket from the fibre/co-ax cable that Virgin put to POTS cabling for regular telephone lines and the other cable they run is for the broadband.

So if this is the case, why did the person at Virgin I spoke to tell the that they old run one cable and that all of the existing BT cabling is used and simply converted over? Why? Lack of knowledge and understanding.

Is a good job that the telephone master socket in the study is in the same place as where the cable modem will be going otherwise I wouldn’t be a happy bunny at this point.

As it happens the guy was very friendly but said he couldn’t do the installation because the person who came from Virgin on Saturday to inspect the existing cabling at the house didn’t actually tell anyone that they would need to run a new cable to the house and he doesn’t have the tools or the kit to perform the installation – Nice work Virgin.

Lets see if they can mange to install the broadband and the phone this afternoon with a new crew without managing to screw up Nicky’s work phone line in the process and let’s see if they manage to remember to bring the NetGear wireless router with them – I’m not sure about that one either!

Wish me luck x


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2 thoughts on “Why Do People Lie?

  1. I had the same palava when a crew came to install Sky HD. Turns out that the guys in the office are actually 99% idiot and 1% browsing the internet.

  2. Sky were almost as bad but I helped them with their own headaches.
    they left me the roll of cable and I laid all of the cable in the house and then all they had to do was install the dish and the boxes which still took us through to the 3rd installation crew I think!

    I really do wonder why I bothered to call Sky or Virgin to let them know it was a tall story town house and they would next extra long ladders etc because I just wasted my time plus more time.

    I also wonder how they can be able to employ such stupid people to answer the phones, but then as the saying goes: Pay peanuts you get monkies and they sure do.

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