Virgin Media Give Great Service as Usual for Christmas


Virgin Media Broadband: The Mother of all Broadband Size: XL Half Price Broadband

So I wouldn’t expect anything less from Virgin after the failed to manage to install our broadband and telephone after three attempts and extra delays because they forgot to submit work permits or something to the council, but this just takes the biscuit.

So We got our first bill from Virgin today, and I opened it up and guess what? It’s totally wrong?

We signed up using the package in the link at the top meaning we get 20MB Broadband for £10 a month for the first six months because we also took the phone option for £11 a month – Super savings we think.

The bill just came through for £103 (Eek!). So I look through all the items on the bill and £23 is calls which although not great is ok seeing and Nicky sometimes calls her Nan in Spain, but that left £80 for service charges, so I looked at them and guess what? Instead of charging us £21 a month for the two services they want to charge us £40, so I called them up.

The person I spoke to said that our account shows no sign of being offered the discount even though this promotion has been going since Christ himself was a child and is still going now, until the 5th January 2009. The person on the phone then said she was going to speak to another department to find something out, so after being on hold for a while she tells me that the only person able to change the discount on our package is the person who originally set it up – Figure that one Albert Einstein. I’ve been now left with the usual Virgin tactic of someone will call you back in 24hrs whilst you hopefully forget about the fact that were charging you double and leave us alone – Once again Virgin…..think not.

If we lived in Sweden and could just get decent speeds in our area through the phone line none of this would be a problem because we wouldn’t have had to go with stinking Virgin in the first place.

Lets see what I blog about tomorrow hey!


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