Ballmer Leaving Speech Video

I saw the news last night that a video had leaked online of Steve Ballmer and got a chance to look at it today. Pretty emotional speech and quite restrained for Steve. I’ll be sad to see him leave Microsoft I think and he’s done so much for the company I love most. I hope that Microsoft can replace him with someone equally as energetic and enthusiastic about the company as he is. If you haven’t seen it, the  video on YouTube is below.


Nextgenhacker101 Is the Best

I got sent a link to a Microsoft Blog yesterday by a friend who had posted a link to a funny YouTube video. The blog posting is at but I’ll also just link directly to the video below:

This script kiddie (if we can call him that) is so ‘leet that he’s managed to discover a way to monitor who is viewing Google or any other website at a given moment in time: Unless that is, you have an internet connection faster than him else all he see’s is * and Request Timed Out.

Thank you for making my Monday afternoon Nextgenhacker101. For more classics you can also check his Channel on YouTube at