Still Ugly, but Improving

So if you’ve been looking over at the Baby-Green Wedding website, you’ll see that nothing much has changed on the design front, and that it’s just content missing now.

Well that’s because I’m pretty much settled and finished on the design over there, but the issue now is bringing that over to the blog and the forum. Unless your reading this over RSS, you’ll see that the blog looks partly like the Wedding site now – The background, font and some elements of the design are getting there, but these theme based content driven sites like the blog and forum are hard to reverse engineer, so give me time.

I guess it’s times like these that it pays to use RSS.

Apple Fan Boys Desert

No, I’m not talking about a group of Apple fans sat around eating cake, I’m talking about a lot of Apple fans seeming to be quite annoyed with Mr Jobs and his crew and it would seem to be sparked by the iPhone 2.0 firmware and MobileMe.

I was doing the normal rounds with a quick read of some of my RSS feeds and found this article.

I sounded like a topic to start a row between the fan boys, the Microsoft lovers (that’s me) and the people sitting on the fence and staying the hell out of it. I read down to the comments and wow – This is the first time I have ever seen Apple fans actually taking words against Apple, so come on down the big M and enjoy the view.

PS: Did I mention that LiveMesh is free, works on PC, mobile devices via and soonwill be supporting mobile devices using an actual client and Mac support too. Did I say it was free?

New Blog Version

So I decided this evening that I should update the blog to a new version being that I am missing out on the ability to Tag entries and have a tag cloud. I figure that a tag cloud would be quite cool for the site being that I blog about so many different things to highlight the main topics.

So the Baby-Green Blog is now running on WordPress 2.5, the latest and greatest, and at the same time I’ve added two new things to the blog:

  • Tag Cloud for keyword tracking of the topics being addressed y the blog.
  • StatPress: This excellent little plug-in which I found on the WordPress site gives me statistics for the blog.

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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Review

A few days ago I saw that Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 was being made publicly available so I thoguht I would give it a stab and see if Microsoft had done any good with this, because I personally feel that IE7 wasn’t released all that long ago and there wasn’t really much need for a new browser jsut yet.

After getting it installed which was a bit of a polava due to needing to install a patch for Windows XP which didn’t want to install straight up, I couldn’t see too much difference, except for the fact that half of the internet doesn’t work properly.

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