Strikethrough Button in OneNote 2010 Ribbon

Strikethrough is something which I never used to use until I started using OneNote some time ago.

Strikethrough in OneNote is good because it means you can make lists and cross things out as you go. The trouble in OneNote 2007 was that settings and options for Font appeared in a menu on the right which wasn’t static – It would come and go as you did other things in OneNote.

Now in OneNote 2010 however, with the new Ribbon interface, Strikethrough has rightfully earnt a button on the toolbar.

Office 2010 Technical Preview

Office 2010 Technical Preview is the latest version of the Office suite. Currently in Technical Preview and scheduled for a public Beta release in July, some sneaky people have posted some builds of it to a torrent site in particular.

 I’m not going to name the site, but most people will be able to work out from the screenshot the site I’m talking about. There are various different torrents for it on the site, however some of them have comments to suggest that there is malicious content included, as described by Microsoft themselves here:

http://blogs.technet.com/office2010/archive/2009/05/19/leaked-build-and-staying-safe.aspxRead more…