The Internet and IPv6

The internet obviously uses IPv4 currently and as we all know the world is running out of addresses and the obviously solution to the problem is replace IPv4 with IPv6, however based on the fact that we are talking about the internet and not just some little home network or even something bigger like an enterprise, the issue becomes extremely complicated.

Changing the internet to use IPv6 would probably in actual fact be a total no no because it would be damn near if not completely impossible to complete the task and then the question of the actual deployment would be an issue.

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Byron Report Review – Children and the Internet

I was introduced to this report today by someone on a forum I have started to read, however I had heard of it previously. I decided I would read this report although somewhat loosely to see what the report had to say, and I’ve decided it’s worthy of a blog to discuss its points. For anyone who wants to read the report I’m talking about, it can be found at

Let’s start by reminding myself that I have two children and in all honesty, only being aged 21 at the time of writing, I am only just outside of the scope of the report, so this report does actually affect my interested in technology and it’s affects on children of today.Read more…