International Airshow

What Another Day to Work in Farnborough

So this morning, I wrote about what I’d seen yesterday, but today the Red Arrows have blessed us with a 20min overhead display.

It would seem that they’ve landed at Farnborough also, so whether they are just popping in for fuel or staying until Monday who knows.

Britain just isn’t British without the Red Arrows 🙂

What a Day to Work in Farnborough

What a day yesterday was to work in Farnborough. As you know I work for Xerox, and one of the accounts I work on the QinetiQ account in Farnborough. The site borders Farnborough airport and the building I work in is actually next to the runway or as close as you can get at least.

Although the Farnborough International Airshow doesn’t start until next week yesterday saw some pretty good action for aircraft coming in to do their validation flights and testing their displays.

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