WWDC 2009 Apple Vs. Microsoft Showdown

Today’s Apple’s WWDC show, where they launch there best yet. Now that the big announcements are out and all the Mac boys have oohed and aahed at them, how to they really stack up against Windows?

I’m not going to cover everything as I’m not going to get into hardware etc. All of the quotes are taken from Engadget on this thread:

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Update on Windows SideShow in Windows 7 RC

So as I said earlier today, I emailed the Windows SideShow team for information about what’s going on in Windows 7, and here’s the response I got:


Post-beta, we made a change to help reduce clutter in Control Panel and improve the user experience by only showing items that were relevant to the user’s current configuration.  Because Windows SideShow is a hardware dependent feature, we felt it was best to only show it when appropriate hardware was installed on the PC (other Control Panels behave similarly).  If you went to the SideShow control panel in the beta build, you’ll notice there’s really not much you can actually do there without a device installed.

Rest assured, Windows SideShow is still there!  As soon as you connect up a SideShow-compatible device (such as our latest Device Simulator) the control panel will go back to where it belongs.

I was sceptical at first because my device (HTC Touch HD) was paired with the PC running 7, however it was showing no Windows SideShow service available in the Bluetooth properties.

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My Phone

So today was contract renewal and phone upgrade day.

I went to Carphone Warehouse on my way home knowing that on Monday they had 200 HTC Touch HD’s in stock in the warehouse.

Much to my disappointment they have managed to flog all 200 of them so they are out of stock and probably won’t get more for another two weeks. It’s just lucky my Nicky loves me as she’s let me have her two day old Touch HD and she’s going to take my upgrade.

Thanks x

Today’s the Day I Invest in HTC

Well not technically true because I’ve been using HTC devices for about the last three years, with my HTC Wizard first, my HTC Artemis now, but today my 18 month contract with O2 UK is eligible for upgrade, so I’m trotting down to Carphone Warehouse after work to order my HTC Touch HD.

They don’t keep them in stock in the stores but they deliver to home, so tomorrow when I finish work I shall be in possession of it.

Nicky got hers earlier this week and it’s gorgeous…I can’t wait.