Digital Download Isn’t Always the Cheapest Way

The Xbox One gives you the option to download quite a few games as digital downloads, sparing you the time and effort to order games from online or high street retailers, waiting for Royal Mail to deliver them or going into the high street to collect them, but just because you get the option to use your internet bandwidth to download them, doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheaper.

The wife decided today that she wanted Just Dance 2014 so headed into the Xbox One store and made the purchase without even looking at the prices. The game was £39.99 from the Xbox One store as a digital download, so remember you don’t get a physical media for that price.

A quick check on Amazon reveals that you can get the same game, but this time with a physical media disk for £24.99 or on Play for £32.23. With that Amazon price, you save £15 and you get the physical media in exchange for a one to two day wait for the goods to be delivered.

Next time you think about buying something from the Xbox One store, bear this in mind. Convenience comes at a cost.