exchange 2010

Exchange ActiveSync in Exchange 2010 Beta

ActiveSync is generally the most interesting and important feature for me in an Exchange release as such a heavy user of Windows Mobile and mobile email, however Exchange 2010 is something special.

Exchange 2010 is the first Exchange deployment that will be updating OTA the Outlook Mobile installation on the device to support the new features in OWA and Outlook 2010. These include much greater integration and unity with the UC (Unified Communications) piece and also adds the great new conversation view.

I think if I had to go back to Outlook 2007 now without conversation view working as it does I would be lost – Much like if I was told I had to use XP 😮

I downloaded the Exchange 2010 VHD from TechNet yesterday because I wanted to try to get Outlook Mobile on my Touch HD to update and then use that with the existing Exchange 2007 infrastructure at my current employers site.

After getting the VM running and some initial problems with device sync caused by SSL requirements, I got the device talking and Outlook on the device updated. It put a smile on my face to see the new version of Outlook on my phone, however the smile was soon taken off my face.

When I then moved the device back to the Exchange 2007 server, Outlook downgraded. I spent a bit of time searching the Exchange server for CAB files as these are used in Windows Mobile for application installation, however there was no trace of such a file, so I’m curious as to how Microsoft are updating the device.

Bing searching (or Google for this matter) turns up no trumps so I shall continue my search.