International Technology Frustration

We live in a world where communications are transferred around the world in sub-second times thanks to services like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn and other people hubs we are closer connected and thanks to all of this high-speed communication and information transfer, we discover news and new information faster than ever before.

Taking all of this into consideration, why is it, that we are still in a world where one country takes the glut of the new technology releases without them officially seeing the streets of foreign lands only assisting to line the pockets of the lucky few who are able to import and export these technologies and sell them in the foreign lands via channels like eBay at exorbitant prices.

My Birthday

So it’s my birthday on Thursday next week – Not long now. I’ve been getting pretty pumped over the last couple of weeks about asking people for a new server for our house and I had my heart and mind set on a Dell PowerEdge 2650. Well I was looking on eBay at the weekend […]


Another week passes by and my PC is still broken and I’m still not any closer to getting it working and starting work on the Baby-Green site again. I’ve had no reply from Gigabyte on my motherboard, but then I didn’t expect anything less from them. Daniel’s new PC arrived today and is now sat […]