Build 7000

SideShow Missing in Windows 7 Build 7068

SideShow is probably one of the most underrated and under used features in Windows Vista, and I was really glad Microsoft kept going with in in Windows 7 especially as the Windows Mobile client still works well especially for PowerPoint Remote Control. As I got my new phone yesterday I thought I’d install the SideShow […]

Windows 7 Build 7068

So I took the plunge deeper into the Beta pool today and upgraded to Windows 7 x86 Build 7068. This build has lots of improvements over the Build x86 7000 build which was the original public build.

Cisco VPN Client and Windows 7

So I was searching today for something specific to the Cisco IP Communicator software phone version of the Cisco IP 7941 to see if there is a way to make it work nice with Windows 7, but in the process I found a lot of threads and blog entries about problems with the Cisco VPN […]