David Attenborough Africa

I’m a little bit behind the times with this but I’ve just watched the final episode of the David Attenborough series from the BBC called Africa. The series aired late last year in 2013 and I watched all bar the final two episodes until this week.

I love watching his programmes because you get to see truly incredible things and watching them leaves me with an utterly humble feeling inside. Sure, at 88 years old now, he may not be as ‘down in the dirt’ as he used to be but who can blame him? He was in the news in June of last year reportedly to have a pacemaker fitted.

If I can see just 5% of the incredible things that he has been able to witness and experience in his life in my own then I would consider my life to be a rich and fulfilled one. Watching the series Africa also makes me, as a father of three, wonder what will be left for our grandchildren? What natural beauties and ecological wonders will remain for them to see and experience or will they be dependant on records of history like the documentaries of David Attenborough to understand what the world used to be like?

This story on the Radio Times website from July 2013 ( reports that there will be at least one more high profile series from Attenborough which according to the story will be aired in either 2015 or 2016. I really look forward to it.

The Danger of Social Networking: Facebook in this Case

So I use social networking sites like Facebook, and hell – I spend quite a lot of time lurking around the Microsoft sites and Windows Live sites which is loosely social networking, but this example just goes to prove two things:

– How dangerous Facebook can be without proper thought
– How stupid this person is.

The article is about a girl who got sacked three weeks after starting a job because she wrote on Facebook about how boring the job is. Now fine the job may have been boring and if you want to tell people on Facebook about it to share your life then great: But if your going to do that make sure first nobody in your friends works for said company or set your permissions properly so that lurkers (like your boss for example) can’t see that message.

If you don’t know how to set your permissions properly this article at AllFacebook will help you: