Update to Baby-Green Mail Outage

Just to let anyone using a Baby-Green email account that outbound email is now working so you can go about your lives as normal.

It seems that any mails sent during the weekend long outage period are lost and weren’t re-delivered so you will need to trawl your sent items to redeliver the messages.


Outgoing Mail Problems for Baby-Green E-Mail Users

This post is just a quick FYI that there are problems with outbound email for users with email addresses.

I can receive emails just fine, however any replies will not be delivered.

The problem is being investigated by our hosting provider and will hopefully be resolved ASAP.

Apologies to all.

Still Ugly, but Improving

So if you’ve been looking over at the Baby-Green Wedding website, you’ll see that nothing much has changed on the design front, and that it’s just content missing now.

Well that’s because I’m pretty much settled and finished on the design over there, but the issue now is bringing that over to the blog and the forum. Unless your reading this over RSS, you’ll see that the blog looks partly like the Wedding site now – The background, font and some elements of the design are getting there, but these theme based content driven sites like the blog and forum are hard to reverse engineer, so give me time.

I guess it’s times like these that it pays to use RSS.