Richard J Green

Set the thumbnailPhoto in Active Directory with PowerShell

For years and years, as @LupoLoopy could probably attest to, I have been a fan of dumping user photos into Active Directory. Even as far back as Exchange 2010 we have been able to light up Outlook with user photos downloaded as part of the Global Address List and today; with the likes of Azure AD, Office 365, and more; the users’ photo is more and more prominent. Over the years, I have relied on a tool from Cjwdev called AD Photo Edit, however, only this week, I discovered that we can actually do this natively with PowerShell negating the need for the tool to be used at all.

The PowerShell for this requires you to have the Active Directory PowerShell Module imported but other than that, there are no complex requirements.

$photo = [byte[]](Get-Content "" -Encoding byte)
Set-ADUser  -Replace @{thumbnailPhoto=$photo}

It really is that simple! I do, however, have a segway here: there still, to this day, does not seem to be a way to reverse the flow of profile pictures with Azure AD Connect. It is possible and always has been to export the thumbnailPhoto attribute from Active Directory to Azure AD for use in Office 365. There does not, however, seem to be a way to have Azure AD and Office 365 act as the image source and have them imported into Active Directory from the cloud. This is a shame because in Azure AD and Office 365 we have native interface elements that allow the user to self-service upload and edit their own user photo but the same tools don’t exist on-premises. One day, I hope, we will have the ability to import to AD from AAD but until that time comes, I am planning on looking into building a really small web application that will execute the PowerShell code behind the scenes and allow users to self-service their images.

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