Richard J Green

OneNote Mobile 2010

I’ve been a OneNote user for some time and namely with OneNote 2007 and it’s lack of Ribbon UI.
When I originally got my old O2 XDA Orbit (HTC Artemis) it came with OneNote Mobile as part of the office applications, however I was not a user at this point in time.

As time moved on and I began to use OneNote, I had upgraded the ROM on my phone which meant I no longer had OneNote.

I was left in the same situation with my Touch HD as the Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM I am using doesn’t include OneNote, however when I attached my phone via USB today so that I could flash the Radio and the ROM with fewer builds, I noticed a popup from Office 2010 which 2007 never showed.

(I have attached the phone via USB before, but it’s always been with Office 2007 installed not 2010 like now)

This is similar to the way that AutoRoute used to work – If it detected a suitable Windows Mobile device it would offer you the installer for PocketStreets (which was great in it’s day).

Clicking the balloon opened the ActiveSync installer and started running the CAB file on the phone.

All in all it doesn’t look at different on the device to the OneNote has changed from previous builds, but it’s nice that the application is being offered out to people from the PC to allow you to use OneNote on the move if you can’t natively on the device.

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