Richard J Green

New Blog Version

So I decided this evening that I should update the blog to a new version being that I am missing out on the ability to Tag entries and have a tag cloud. I figure that a tag cloud would be quite cool for the site being that I blog about so many different things to highlight the main topics.

So the Baby-Green Blog is now running on WordPress 2.5, the latest and greatest, and at the same time I’ve added two new things to the blog:

With StatPress, I can see how people are looking at the blog, and how many people are looking at the RSS feed. I can also see which blog entries people are reading so I know what of my work sucks and what doesn’t. Being that until this date, I have never seen any stats for the blog and assumed that me and about one other person read it, I will be interested to see what kind of activity this picks up. If it shows anything interesting, I may even turn on the widget for it on the sidebar on the right of this text so that you can all see the stuff too.

While on the subject of the blog, I just wanted to say a world-wide thanks to Akismet for providing such an excellent anti-spam engine for WordPress. I looked at the counter today, and it’s showing as having blocked 189 spam comments and trackbacks to date – Nice work 🙂

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