Richard J Green

Elonex OneTwo3 10.2″ – Another Eee

This week is the Computex convention in Taipei where Dell are expected to announce officially the launch of the various dubbed named Mini-Inspiron UMPC notebook, however one I wasn’t expecting to see was another UMPC appearing from Elonex in the form of a 10.2 inch model.

According to the information from the Computex show, the Elonex OneTwo3 10.2″ UMPC notebook will feature a hard disk up to 80GB, WiFi and a webcam, however there were no more details there at the time of this being written.

The laptop looks good, but personally I think the Eee and the proposed Dell Mini-Inspiron look nicer, but it’s all down to personal taste.

You can see the pictures for yourself at The rate this UMPC market is moving, Apple better hurry up and release a MacBook Mini or they will get the door shut in their faces due to the number of other companies trying their hand at this. Whilst Apple already have the MacBook Air, the ultra-thin notebook, it is not in the league of these UMPC devices.

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