Apple Fan Boys Desert

No, I’m not talking about a group of Apple fans sat around eating cake, I’m talking about a lot of Apple fans seeming to be quite annoyed with Mr Jobs and his crew and it would seem to be sparked by the iPhone 2.0 firmware and MobileMe.

I was doing the normal rounds with a quick read of some of my RSS feeds and found this article.

I sounded like a topic to start a row between the fan boys, the Microsoft lovers (that’s me) and the people sitting on the fence and staying the hell out of it. I read down to the comments and wow – This is the first time I have ever seen Apple fans actually taking words against Apple, so come on down the big M and enjoy the view.

PS: Did I mention that LiveMesh is free, works on PC, mobile devices via and soonwill be supporting mobile devices using an actual client and Mac support too. Did I say it was free?


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2 thoughts on “Apple Fan Boys Desert

  1. Not a fan of MobileMe – offers too little for too much in my opinion… personally I don’t think this area is a core strength for Apple, and they should concentrate on other areas.

    On the subject of LiveMesh, isn’t this just a file/photo sharing service? – I wasn’t aware it covered email/contacts/calendaring like MobileMe? – if so, i’ll have to take a look. On the file/photo thing however, i’ve been using a service called DropBox for a while – it is still in beta (just like Gmail :-)) but provides device to device file sharing for PCs and Macs. Probably doesn’t do as much as the MS version eventually will, but works just fine and it’s nice to see innovative software companies compete pretty well with the big boys….

    Cool that MS are writing multi-platform software though!

  2. Live Mesh is just for files yes, however who’s to say that you can’t have it do PST files?
    I use is to sync RSS feeds so that if add a new feed to either PC it gets done.

    There is nothing on the Mac front for LiveMesh yet, but it’s shown as Coming Soon – No confirmed dates yet though.

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