The Pirate Bay Court Verdict

It’s all over the web already, so why not stick it in one more place.
The verdict on the Pirate Bay case is out and they have all been found guilty and issued one year jail sentences.

According to the comments over at TorrentFreak this could actually mean as little as 3 months jail time for good behaviour etc. I do tend to agree with the other comments regarding bribery or maybe higher pressures applied from MPAA or RIAA like when the US previously threatened to trade embargo Sweden because of TPB. During the case it was very one-sided in favour of the four of them due to such terrible evidence.

SideShow Missing in Windows 7 Build 7068

SideShow is probably one of the most underrated and under used features in Windows Vista, and I was really glad Microsoft kept going with in in Windows 7 especially as the Windows Mobile client still works well especially for PowerPoint Remote Control.

As I got my new phone yesterday I thought I’d install the SideShow client on it and see how PowerPoint Remote looks on the beautiful WVGA display.

To my horror, Microsoft have removed SideShow from Build 7068 of Windows 7. It was defiantly there in 7000 so where has it gone?

According to Seven Forums, it’s also missing from Build 7048 x86 but still present in the x64 build. As I’m running x86 I can’t look to see if it still exists in the 7068 Build for x64, but I’m guessing it might be gone also.

I really hope this is just temporary and it comes back for the next build.

My Phone

So today was contract renewal and phone upgrade day.

I went to Carphone Warehouse on my way home knowing that on Monday they had 200 HTC Touch HD’s in stock in the warehouse.

Much to my disappointment they have managed to flog all 200 of them so they are out of stock and probably won’t get more for another two weeks. It’s just lucky my Nicky loves me as she’s let me have her two day old Touch HD and she’s going to take my upgrade.

Thanks x

The Pain I Go Through

So in case reading my recent blogs you hadn’t noticed, I’m posting a lot of my blogs with Polaroid style images which hasn’t appeared before.

Well it’s all part of the all new Baby-Green. Last weekend I was up until 3:30am migrating the site to a new web host to give us some more functionality. The new host lets me use Silverlight and ASP.NET code which I’m going to be taking advantage of soon starting with the wedding subdomain (

The problem previously was that TextDrive did not permit FTP access to the server where as the new host does which allows me to directly add content via Windows Live Writer.

On the cards are a recode of the PHP scripts for the wedding site into ASP.NET and using Silverlight Adaptive Streaming and Silverlight Slideshows to show off the media from the wedding.

Over time I’m going to be redesigning the Baby-Green site in this way also which will be version 3 of the website. My plan is to make it not only better looking and give a much better user experience for the users of the site but to make it easier for me to manage and generate content. That way you get a better looking, better working and more current website for viewing.

The forum and the blog will also get updates to the latest code base and the same redesign. The blog is already running the latest code base with the latest updates to the add-on’s in use which I did as part of the migration.

Today’s the Day I Invest in HTC

Well not technically true because I’ve been using HTC devices for about the last three years, with my HTC Wizard first, my HTC Artemis now, but today my 18 month contract with O2 UK is eligible for upgrade, so I’m trotting down to Carphone Warehouse after work to order my HTC Touch HD.

They don’t keep them in stock in the stores but they deliver to home, so tomorrow when I finish work I shall be in possession of it.

Nicky got hers earlier this week and it’s gorgeous…I can’t wait.

The Future has Landed in Our Kitchen

Well I said I was going to get a server for my birthday and I wasn’t kidding.

It arrived yesterday with FedEx – My nice new Dell PowerEdge SC1425.
Unfortunately my birthday isn’t until Wednesday next week so I’m not allowed to start playing with it until then say the powers that be although I did fire it up last night to make sure all was well – It’s quiet compared to the 6450 I have currently but we’ll see how that pans out with some load 🙂