The Danger of Social Networking: Facebook in this Case

So I use social networking sites like Facebook, and hell – I spend quite a lot of time lurking around the Microsoft sites and Windows Live sites which is loosely social networking, but this example just goes to prove two things:

– How dangerous Facebook can be without proper thought
– How stupid this person is.

The article is about a girl who got sacked three weeks after starting a job because she wrote on Facebook about how boring the job is. Now fine the job may have been boring and if you want to tell people on Facebook about it to share your life then great: But if your going to do that make sure first nobody in your friends works for said company or set your permissions properly so that lurkers (like your boss for example) can’t see that message.

If you don’t know how to set your permissions properly this article at AllFacebook will help you:

Zune Software on Windows 7

So I’ve been using Windows 7 for a little bit now, and I went to sync my Zune with it for the first time and came across a problem:The software wouldn’t detect the Zune even though Windows Devices and Printers could see the Zune and installed the drivers?

I’m using UAC in 7 to try out some of the new levels Microsoft have added to see if it’s worth sticking with, so I tried running the software as Administrator and it picked up the device just fine.

Seems that you need to do this for the first run of the software you need this to initialize the drivers as I can run the software now under limited mode without issues.

I’m sure this will be something that the Zune team will pick-up in Zune 3.2 or whatever the next release will be.

Microsoft My Phone

So Microsoft announced a new service called My Phone earlier this week at MWC although it had been floating around various tech sites for a few weeks previously. I registered for the service late last week, and look what  I found in my Inbox this morning.

My Phone is basically a cloud based phone backup application that will synchronize all of your contacts, calendar, tasks, text messages, pictures and video from your device up to the cloud. You can also login to the My Phone website and make changes to content directly on the site, like add new calendar events etc.

Whilst My Phone seems kind of an odd product with Live Mesh already in the field, the two don’t actually overlap with My Phone backing up your phone where as Live Mesh is backing up a specified directory. What would be great would be to see these two services integrated together.

All that we need now Microsoft in a new version of Windows Live Messenger for Windows Mobile that supports MPOP and maybe Windows Live Writer for Windows Mobile?

I’m a PC and I’m 4 Years Old

I keep seeing this video popping up on various different sites and think it’s cute so wanted to blog it for anyone I know to see. I really need to get Maddy to record a video saying “I’m a PC and I’m 2 Years Oldâ€? 🙂

<br /><a href="" target="_new" title="Kylie uses Windows Live Photo Gallery">Video: Kylie uses Windows Live Photo Gallery</a>