The Case of the Broken Default Domain Policy

So over the last couple of days, I decided as part of my server virtualization project at home with my new hard disks, I would rename the domain to something more suitable.

I found a tool on the Microsoft site called rendom.exe along with a few other tools for renaming a domain. I read all of the instructions and had a plan set out for doing it, and the process was fairly painless due to only having one Domain Controller, so there was no need to wait for forest and domain replication to take place.

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Virgin Media Give Great Service as Usual for Christmas


Virgin Media Broadband: The Mother of all Broadband Size: XL Half Price Broadband

So I wouldn’t expect anything less from Virgin after the failed to manage to install our broadband and telephone after three attempts and extra delays because they forgot to submit work permits or something to the council, but this just takes the biscuit.

So We got our first bill from Virgin today, and I opened it up and guess what? It’s totally wrong?

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