Oh Mickey Your So Fine You Blow My Mind

Ok…I’m not talking about the somewhat dodgy song, but actually Disneyland in Los Angeles which is where we spent our Saturday just gone.

Tom kindly let me leave work a bit early on Friday and I came home to get the three girlies. We got in the car and headed for I-5, the interstate down to LA. It was a long journey – About 5 and a half hours all together and was a really tiring drive due to the fact that I-5 is just a big long straight with nothing to keep your mind on the edge, but we made it safe and sound without any drama. We checked into the Castle Inn hotel about a five to ten minute walk from Disneyland park entrance and swiftly headed into the bed for a long overdue sleep as by now it was about 1am after a long drive.

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The Blog After the Blog Before

So I couldn’t think of a good title for this entry, so the random title will just have to do. I haven’t written anything for a week now, so I’m going to play catch up.

Last week Monday was Labour Day here which means bank holiday: Made up for missing the bank holiday Monday in England as that day was a working day here. The four of us went to Gilroy shopping outlets on the Monday and probably spent too much money, but it was all so cheap and people did give us spending money to spend after all.

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