LazyTown Live!

Today after swimming, we came home and picked up some stuff and headed down to mums. Why? We had tickets to see LazyTown Live!

We had tickets for the 5pm showing, and it was really good. We arrived a bit early so sat in a pub next door to have a drink while we pondered if Dave would have a nervous breakdown trying to look after Jessica while me, Nicky, Mum and Maddy where out and while in the pub we where amazed by the number of kids who where all dressed up in their Stephanie and Sportacus outfits for the show.

We all really enjoyed the show and probably all ate far too many sweets and ice cream, and it was obviously all a bit too much for Maddy Moo as she fell asleep during the second half of the show and missed the ending songs and dances etc which where cool.

All in all a good day – Now CBeebies Live at Wembeley in December to look forward to ๐Ÿ™‚

Mix ’08 and My Thoughts

Late last night, I watched some interesting content from the Mix ’08 show from Microsoft. I took the time to watch the two keynote presentations, firstly introducing Microsoft’s new web technologies and the second being an interview with Steve Ballmer.

Whilst I am not a developer, there are some things which do realy excite me when it comes down to web development and the new functionality which people are driving through sites like social networking and the demand for richer, faster and more integrated web experiences, and for me, a lot of the things that came up in the Mix ’08 keynotes did it for me.

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Windows 7 at D6 Conference

So I’ve just been checking out the much hyped news that Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer will be showing off Windows 7 and annoucing it officially at the D6 conference and like most of the other people who have looked this up since its publish online during the night are dismayed by the lack of information they actually gave.

Looking at the videos online of the event, Ballmer shows off a multi-touch application which appears to be a modified version of Microsoft Virtual Earth, but using some variant of the Microsoft Surface technology, while they also showed a Paint applicaton and a Photo Viewer both using multi-touch.

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So Jackie has managed to break her laptop and get XP into a reboot loop, so I thought I would Google the problem quickly before I attempt to replace the majority of the system files to fix the problem.

After Googling it, I found a link to a site which suggested the fix for the problem. I can’t remember the link for the site, but the site was the site for an MVP (Microsoft Valuable Professional) who is basically someone who provides support for people on the Microsoft community forums.

The ironic part of this rather dull story is that on this guys web site, who is an MVP, there was a search box for Google and also Google AdSense adverts.

Now I would have thought Microsoft would have rules to stop people doing things like that with the Big G!

Rise of the Live Brigade

Over the last two weeks, things have changed around these parts. I’ve upgraded to Vista on my PC – Vista Business SP! if were going to get technical which we will of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Having upgraded to Vista, I’ve been more interested in some of the things Microsoft are doing at the moment – Yes it is possible for me to be more interested in something Microsoft are doing than I was previously!

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First Tooth, Busy Day

I haven’t blogged anything in quite a while now, so I thought I would write one about the fun of today.

It’s half term this week for swimming so there wasn’t any getting up early to get out of the house and get ready to go swimming with the girls. No, instead Maddy woke up at about 6.30am and with me not being on any kind of plain of reality, my brain assumed it was a work day, so without thinking about it, I got up and got in the shower and upon returning to the bedroom I noticed it wasn’t even 7am by this point.

I decided that I’d go downstairs at that point as I’d promised Nicky a lie in today.

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