The Internet and IPv6

The internet obviously uses IPv4 currently and as we all know the world is running out of addresses and the obviously solution to the problem is replace IPv4 with IPv6, however based on the fact that we are talking about the internet and not just some little home network or even something bigger like an enterprise, the issue becomes extremely complicated.

Changing the internet to use IPv6 would probably in actual fact be a total no no because it would be damn near if not completely impossible to complete the task and then the question of the actual deployment would be an issue.

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Is Atom Atomic or a White Dwarf?

Atom is the latest breakthrough to be announced from Intel, and it sounds very promising if your in the market for small and portable.

Atom is a totally new design microprocessor from Intel designed for the mobile device and ultra-portable device market such as PDA’s, Handhelds and Ultra-Portable notebooks. Unlike most of the processors from Intel of late, this one has been designed from the ground up as a new technology, and not an alteration of something of the previous generation.

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Stealth Patch

So ever since the firmware update 1.8 for the PlayStation 3, media sharing has not been working for me, nor many other people if you believe anything you read on the Sony PlayStation 3 forums.

Firmware update 1.8 according to Sony fixes some little bugs which are nothing to do with media sharing? So why did it break – The answer it nobody seems to know – Everything else on the PlayStation works fine, although some users reported issues with Folding@Home not that I ever use this, but media sharing is an issue for me being that I like to listen to music or watch something DivX via the network after Sony released the DivX update for the PS3 late last year – Before Microsoft released it for the XB360 may I add 🙂

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I’m a Tourist

So today I was in London for work and I was being my normal self following the directions of TomTom on my phone because I knew that where I was going was just down the road, so not worth the effort of getting back on the tube and changing lines etc, but because I know London walking about as well as I do how to build a jet engine, I need TomTom and there I find myself looking at the Houses of Parliment and Big Ben in the distance whilst Downing Street is over to my right with New Scotland yard just ahead.

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My Birthday

It’s late I know, but I didn’t get a chance to blog on it at the time.

As you may or may not know, it was my birthday on the 9th – I’m now 22, so I’m slowly getting older. With this old age comes brokeness as my doctor won’t tell you because of doctor patient confidentiality, but I’ll find out if I really am broken when they get my test results back.

I had a good birthday. even though it wasn’t anything special. Mum and Dave and Mick came over and we got a curry in from Chineham Indian which was nice.

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New Blog Version

So I decided this evening that I should update the blog to a new version being that I am missing out on the ability to Tag entries and have a tag cloud. I figure that a tag cloud would be quite cool for the site being that I blog about so many different things to highlight the main topics.

So the Baby-Green Blog is now running on WordPress 2.5, the latest and greatest, and at the same time I’ve added two new things to the blog:

  • Tag Cloud for keyword tracking of the topics being addressed y the blog.
  • StatPress: This excellent little plug-in which I found on the WordPress site gives me statistics for the blog.

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Byron Report Review – Children and the Internet

I was introduced to this report today by someone on a forum I have started to read, however I had heard of it previously. I decided I would read this report although somewhat loosely to see what the report had to say, and I’ve decided it’s worthy of a blog to discuss its points. For anyone who wants to read the report I’m talking about, it can be found at

Let’s start by reminding myself that I have two children and in all honesty, only being aged 21 at the time of writing, I am only just outside of the scope of the report, so this report does actually affect my interested in technology and it’s affects on children of today.Read the Full Post

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Review

A few days ago I saw that Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 was being made publicly available so I thoguht I would give it a stab and see if Microsoft had done any good with this, because I personally feel that IE7 wasn’t released all that long ago and there wasn’t really much need for a new browser jsut yet.

After getting it installed which was a bit of a polava due to needing to install a patch for Windows XP which didn’t want to install straight up, I couldn’t see too much difference, except for the fact that half of the internet doesn’t work properly.

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