Is Industry a Late Adopter?

The title says it all: Is industry a late adopter? As far as the eye can see there are new technologies evolving and reaching out to us, but are the manufacturers of the equipment we use holding us back?

The PlayStation 3 a example of how it should be in my opinion – I’m talking about Bluetooth. Since the day a remote controlled television was built, they’ve been using Infrared for the control. Infrared has it’s inherent issues – Mainly line of sight. Bluetooth is the perfect candidate for remote control operations – 10m range for Class I devices an no line of sight issues as with IR.

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Many Moons Ago

Many moons ago, I posted a blog entry here – This is a myth, so I’m not sure if it is true, however I have decided that it is time that I should write again.

So what’s new? Lets just say that if there as anything more that was new, I would be Prime Minister – And I’d probably do a better job* 🙂

Well obviously we have Jessica, who is nearly four months old now. She’s making noise, rolling over, smiling and still the usual eat, sleep and pooh routine. Maddy is neatly two now, and is so funny you just can’t imagine. She makes us all laugh very much, but soemtimes cry as she is the most destructive litle monster that you could imagine and she does love to climb and jump on things – Does she! I’m sure she’s going to become either a mountain climber or some kind of gymnast jumping around.

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