ISP’s and Peer-to-Peer

The Baby-Green Blog has been something has has passed me by since Jessica’s birth, and I really need to get around to catching up with some things I’ve missed to date, but something in the news today really got my attention.

I heard about a month ago about plans in France for French ISP’s to monitor Peer-to-Peer traffic and to block the service to offending illegal downloaders. This didn’t bother me because it was them and not us, and I almost did actually feel sorry for a minute when I heard a planned black list would be introduced to prevent offenders from getting service from other ISP’s within a time period.

Today though, it did actually bother me when I heard the British government has similar plans for this country and that if the ISP’s do not do this at the governments request, then they will introduce it as law. For the normal user this poses no problem, and to me as far as Peer-to-Peer goes it poses to issues either. Any Peer-to-Peer usage that I see coming or going is so low in it’s volume that I wouldn’t been set a single alarm bell ringing as they will only be interested in the big fish for frying at this stage.

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