En Route

A late one is today’s blog, but it’s worth being up for.

Nicky has finally made it to the point of what can be described as no return, although being 9 months pregnant is fairly non-return in itself.

We had our midwife out earlier today and she did a stretch and sweep (I’m not going into details, but if you want to know Google it!) which kicked off Nicky’s contractions. She’s been putting up with them all afternoon and evening, and whilst they haven’t been long or regular they have been changing the expression on her face 🙂Read the Full Post

Weekend Goodbye

So it’s Sunday night, Top Gear has just finished and that can only mean one thing – The weekend is almost over.

This weekend, I have been working pretty hard on doing Maddy’s new bedroom, which after this weekend, doesn’t need very much at all doing – Hoping to get the majority of it finished on Tuesday when I’m off work. Maddy went to swimming on Saturday, and she was so good this week, and was kicking and almost looked like she was actually swimming – Were so proud.

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