Almost Over the Hill

No, this isn’t a blog about me admitting I’m a 49 year old man in the body of an over-weight 21 year old, but actually annoucning that the Baby-Green website is so close to being launched with the new theme I can taste it.

I’ve just finished coding the last of the pages, after converting all of the videos to their new format which will hopefully mean that anyone can see them without issues of getting sound, but no video or such. I would have the site moved to the live location so that you can all see it properly now, however I’m uploading the videos to the website, and according to WinSCP the software I use for connecting to the website, that’ll be 2 hours time, and being that the time is already 9:56 PM, I’m amazed Nicky is still awake now to be honest, so the website may have to be published tomorrow or Wednesday night instead.

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