If you are looking to contact me, then you can use one of many methods to do so, however they all revolve about some kind of social site.

As much as I love to hear from people who read my site and like what I do here, I’m not built to handle spam email and contact on that level so unfortunately I can’t put my email address on the site publicly in that way.

The most ideal ways of getting in touch are Twitter, LinkedIn or Skype using the details below.

Contact Methods

Twitter: http://twitter.com/richardjgreen
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/richardjgreen
Skype: richardjgrenuk

What Happened to Comments

Sadly, I wasn’t generating a lot of organic traffic in the past which meant I was only getting one or two ham comments each few months compared with roughly 50 spam comments a day which was causing me time and effort to clear down. My organic and returning visitor traffic is on the upward trend and I’m seeing more and more people visit the site over time so I may look to reactivate comments in the future.